The Kitty Lover Agency is an agency to stop kitty hating. For now, we are small. But we will get bigger, and bigger. Its founder is Ballono, due to his love of kitties. The agency is called KLA for short.

Kitty Lover Agency
Kitty Haters killed the cat but our agents brought him back.
Founded July 7, 2014
Closed Never
Status Destroyed
Leader Ballono
Headquarters Catworld
Alias(es) KLA

What We Do

As mentioned above, we try to stop kitties from being hated. But, if another animal or a pookie is in trouble, you must save them. If it is a diva, then save her/him and tell them to stop kitty hating, then let them free. If we cause a problem with a different agency or vice versa, there will be a mission. Even if it isn't about kitties at all, we must have a mission. But Ballono must approve of the mission before starting. If one of our allies is in trouble, we must help them. That is what allies are for, anyway.


  • Do not hurt anyone, even if it is a diva. Only our enemies shall get hurt.
  • Don't leave other agent members behind, especially if it is your partner (if you have one).
  • Always help anybody in need.
  • More rules will be posted soon.

KLA Agents

  • Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe (Director)
  • Agent Black Puffle (SIC)
  • Agent Titanium (TIC)
  • Agent Ellie (Inactive)
  • Agent Nugget (Inactive)
  • Agent Bon Chaos (Agent)
  • Agent Fire (High Clearance)
  • agent Clover (Agent)


  • Cadet (in training)
  • Agent (when you become an agent)
  • Inactive (when you are half fired)
  • D.O.C (Disappeared On Combat, means that the agent disappeared without a trace and has very little chances of returning)
  • Comeback (Means that the agent was found and he/she will come back)
  • High Clearance (when you save 1 kitty or stop 1 diva)
  • Semi-Captain (when you complete 1 mission)
  • Captain (when you save 10 kitties or stop 10 divas)
  • Consiligiere (When you save 50 kitties or stop 10 divas, can ask the director about agency ideas and see if he can approve or deny them)
  • Third In Command/TIC (When you save 75 kitties or stop 75 divas, only 1 person can be this)
  • Second In Command/SIC (When you save 100 kitties or stop 100 divas, and you will have to gain the director's trust, only 1 person can be this, can be director if the current one disappears until the current one is back)
  • Director (Commands the entire agency, only one person can be this)

(Credit to the Robber Penguin Agency and the Supreme Penguin Agency for these ranks (except for Semi-Captain).)


  • Pookie Protection Program
  • Supreme Penguin Agency
  • Puffle Protection Program
  • Elite Penguin Force
  • Penguin Secret Agency Resistance
  • Penguin Master Agency


! = Really Bad Enemy

  • Pookie Hater Defense!
  • Ultimate Penguin Force


In 3987, all the kitty haters on Earth were stopped. Then the KLA became the Kitty Lunar Admirals, saving kitties from all around the universe.